• Program overview of the RSP 2019

The Aim of the study is to understand and document the indigenous architecture of Varanasi as a city and its structure by studying its traditional and contemporary form of architecture and its impact of urban fabric. The study is divided according to the course structure of the students of different years.

  • 1st year (Architecture+ Interior Design)

The students are supposed to Document Ghats and their architectural elements. The intention is to develop skill to analyse the spaces required for different activities occurring in different time duration. Also, the survey encompasses documentation of individual traditional house form and their surrounding spaces in detail by analysing concepts of size, scale and proportions in architecture along with vernacular architectural style and structural systems.

  • 2nd year (Architecture)

The documentation encompasses different clusters of Varanasi. The study includes activities with shared elements, notions of public, private, semi-private activities and Inter-relations of individual within a group.  The student will also get a deep understanding about the hierarchy and distribution of open/semi-open spaces, building facade and ornamentation of the cluster. The study will also address to the influences of occupational, financial, socio-cultural factors on the built form and resultant spatial organization of the cluster.

  • 3rd year (Architecture)

The study includes documentation of Regional Connectivity, Urban Infrastructure (Physical & Social), and settlement pattern from Ghats – Residential streets- Market Street. The students will analyse urban region as a whole and impact of market space and Ghats on urban fabric also interact with the people of different communities through formulated questionnaire, understanding their needs and transforming them into an architectural form.

  • 2nd year (Interior Design)

The students will document different types/forms of commercial spaces in the main market street along with the activity mapping and characterizations along with socio- cultural frame work. They will also document various Commercial activity pockets, their specialized product display system; showcase windows at street level, product communication at a street level, signage and advertisement for masses of people.

3rd year (Interior Design)

Students will identify Historic/heritage/unused/abandoned sites that provide scope for rejuvenation through multi-dimensional programs. They will also document their history, change in use (adoptive reuse) of building and modification/renovation done in the building from time to time. They will also document any institutional building like:  Exhibition and museum spaces, Recreational spaces, small Institutional spaces and integration of architectural elements and insertions, dialogue between the existing and the newly added insert, Interpretation of the functions/activities and their spatial co-relation.