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Message from Hon. President & Patron-in-Chief

” Knowledge will take you to the places you want to go. Make sure that you recognize the significance of the knowledge as a part of life and what is can do for you. If the fish is taken out of the water, they would have no life. Knowledge is very similar for you. “

– Padmashri Ganpat I. Patel 
  ( President & Patron-in-Chief, GUNI )


FADP aims to provide for its students its finest design education which promotes and expands their creative capacity and sensibility to establish the foundation for creative professional journey.
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We deliver a unique and ubiquitous teaching & learning experience, in which everyone excels and works close to the institute that serves as a nurturing channel for the upcoming architects of  future. Our Facilities are fine to men at what they do. Our stakeholders GUNI-FADP A delivers the most competitive architects with a sense of wisdom and understanding.

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The campus consists of Several well built hostel blocks,both for girls and boys with capacity of 3000 students. Each hostel consists of a separate mess, administrative office, warden quarter. In addition to well furnished rooms, the hostel is complete with facilities like free hi speed Wi-Fi connection, gymnasium, medical center and other amenities for shopping, sports, recreation and entertainment.

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Ganpat University provides transportation facility from various locations. More than 30 luxury buses are regularly available for the use of students and staff commuting from the nearby cities of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Himmatnagar, Vijapur,Unjha,Siddhpur,Visnagar,Palanpur,Patan, etc… In addition, State Transport bus services are also available at regular intervals of time.Transportation Charge and route are mentioned bellow

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With a view to develop the all round personality of the students, the University emphasizes as much on sports as on academics. The University encourages students to attain sporting excellence and provides all the necessary facilities and equipment to the students for maintaining physical fitness and good health. The University offers an extensive range of sports and fitness classes throughout the academic session.

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Scholarship/freeship is a boon for students belonging to the weaker section of the society who are unable to further their education for some reason or the other. It is an incentive as well as encouragement for students who are talented but do not have the means to study further. Many types of scholarship/freeship are offered to students of Ganpat University such as merit-based, need-based, student-specific, career-specific and college-specific. Ganpat University offers Scholarship worth Rs. 3.00 Crore every year to more than 2000 students.

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GanpatUniversity is located at a prime geographical location in North Gujarat and very much in the vicinity of well-known Milk City of India – Mehsana. It is well-linked to and easily accessible from most of the major cities of Gujarat. It is merely 70 kms away from commercial hub of Gujarat – Ahmedabad and only 45 kms from the capital city of Gujarat – Gandhinagar.

The university has a huge campus that extends to an area of 300 acres with picturesque landscape, numerous buildings of architectural grandeur and with various amenities and clean and wide roads. The entire campus is basked in greenery representing the symbol of harmony in eco-friendliness which adds to its natural beauty. The campus is divided in various zones:

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anpat University is a place where ideas, passions, and questions can be fully explored. With an overwhelming number of campus clubs and student organizations, you’ll find something for every interest and passion. There’s so much to do, countless opportunities to connect, nourish talents, and serve others. A current student put it best: GNU is for students who were over-committed in high school.”

Though having located in a rural area; in a North Gujarat region, approximately 70 Kms from Ahmedabad; University has set up the exemplary example of “Uplifting the Society through Education” by developing world class social infrastructure with global vision.

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It’s really an opportunity for me to get admission in this campus far miles away from my home state. Its campus to stay healthy happy and fit with outstanding education. Campus is very beautiful and provides hands-on amenities among the private universities. Fortunate enough I have an opportunity to be a part of such campus.



By opening the global PATHWAY for students, GUNI-FADP has provided me a platform to develop my professional skills and taught me how to grab the opportunities in INTERIOR DESIGN industry. The quality education and environment provided by department has made it easier for me to nurture my professional career. I am grateful to all my professors for providing me a proper guidance to build up the pillar of my career.



By opening the global gateway for students, GNU-FADP has provided me a platform to develop my professional skills and taught me how to grab the opportunities in Architecture and Design industry. The quality education and environment provided by department has made it easier for me to nurture my professional career. I am grateful to all my professors for providing me a proper guidance to build up the pillar of my career.



“Think different” that is one thing that GUNI-FADP urges in and to far extent succeed in teaching to it’s students which invariably helps to achieve what you need. Initially I was a little worried about the faculty and the education system followed by the college but gradually due to the friendly and patient nature of the teachers of department nourished me and thus gave me an opportunity to define myself. The main purpose of this college is to make students brilliant in each field and to focus only on knowledge rather than marks.



The five years at FADP has been a wonderful experience. This is one of the place which gave me a very supportive faculty, good friends, has provided a friendly, disciplinary and competitive environment. Without this I could have never improve my knowledge and to grow myself. I am thankful to all the academic and non- academic staff for making my journey so beautiful. I feel proud to be a part of such esteemed GU-FADP family.

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