• This study tour intended towards documentation of the indigenous architecture in Gangtok, Sikkim. The study divided into three areas according to level of students and department.
  • 1st year-

The research and survey encompass the traditional houses in Gangtok. The houses which are selected for documentation showcase the highest point achieved in the building crafts and show the varied construction techniques and traditional values in local architecture along the primary material of construction like wood, stone and earth etc.

  • 2nd year-

The documentation encompasses the commercial and residential streets of Gangtok. The study of the urban parameters includes relationship between the open and the built spaces, street patterns, hierarchies, distribution of spaces and building levels, façade and ornamentation, topography of the Gangtok.

  • 3rd year-

The research and survey encompass the monasteries and public buildings in Gangtok. Studying space hierarchy, structure, scale, form & light, materials and surfaces, construction details, proportion, context, social, cultural & geographical impact, approach, aesthetic etc.

  • 2nd and 3rd year (Interior Design)

Interior Elements
Studying and analysing significant interior building elements like walls, floor, ceiling and roof, doors, windows, stair, balcony, bracket, column, parapet and entablature are documented and described in detail.

  • Furniture

Documentation also includes residential & commercial furniture and analysing material, construction techniques, cultural and traditional importance in their day to day life. Apart from interior architecture and furniture elements, various objects like carpets and light fixtures, frame and hardware depicting the material culture of a Sikkim region.