• Students from 1rd year of architecture conducted a comprehensive exercise for the documentation of Maheshwar Fort and its heritage buildings inside the complex.The overall study formation consisted of detailed documentation of the structures of Mandu like Jahaj Mahel, Hindola Mahal, Rani Roopmati’s pavilion, Baz Bahadur Palace and others.
• Further the study also focused on the understanding of the spaces, scales and proportion from large complexes to minor details of carvings and other elements of space making. There was also an attempt to understand the overall character of ghats and its physical as well as religious importance in the cultural heritage of Mandu . Besides there a group of students also studied the street patterns inside the Fort Complex to gain an understanding of its links with the other important buildings and the structures.
• The 3 day documentation exercise culminated into various layers of understanding a religious Indian town from an architectural perspective. The students of architecture underwent a rigorous assignment which had widened their visions of architecture and place with an entirely different cultural identity.