Students from 1ST & 2ND  year of architecture conducted a comprehensive exercise for technique Metal workshop is a form of buiding metal scrape.The process is first to sculpt in mind, sketching and experiment on materials. We need to have some basic material iron and metal scrape, a welding machine, soldering bars, metal cutters and qualified operators. The intent of the workshop is to help the student community to develop thought process and install the output on campus which will be supporting the environment plus ecstatically sound.

  • Day 1: Introduction of how scrape is used to make structures. & how to make and mould form the scrape.
  • Day 2: Metal workshop techniques exploration & exercise.
  • Day 3: Installation.
  • The 3 day documentation exercise culminated into various layers of understanding an architectural perspective. The students of architecture underwent a rigorous assignment which had widened their visions of architecture and place with an entirely different cultural identity.