Mr. Prashant B Luhar is an architect graduated from CEPT University Ahmedabad He has done research thesis on Vaishnava community and their settlement pattern and house forms. after graduation he worked with some of the prestigious firms of Ahmedabad and UAE for seven years and he has done training with Ar.sohan nilkanth along with Prof. B.V Doshi on his Upohar housing project at Kolkata .During his tenure he worked with many large-scale architecture and urban projects and worked with many experienced professionals of the fraternity and developed many large-scale project proposals & gained practical experience in the field as well.

Currently he is practicing architect and working on his own some of urban projects like riverfront development at Aravalli, lakefront developments, Residential housing projects, etc. to contribute his experience with academics he is associated as visiting faculty and sharing his professional and academic experience with students. along with being an architect he is very good artist and he has done many exhibitions. he has developed and conducted many workshops and design problems to enhance the presentation skills and design development skills of Architecture students.

He teaches use of different mediums in architecture presentation also. His artistic abilities and vast experience in field of architecture have given different language and experience to the teaching methods. he has taught in many institutes and he is having 13 years of professional and academic and experience.


B.Architecture (CEPT)


9+ years Experience of Academic and & Industry.

Area of Specialization

Basics of Design, graphical presentation skills anlog with visual art , media exploration , Drawing and painting Design Architecture studio , Design studios interior design, art workshops, Drawing and painting ities

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